Educational service included in the license purchase

FMNavigator provides an excellent 360° educational service, you only need to assimilate the educational material provided to fully exploit the potential of our software.

User Manual

Complete guide for the correct use of FMNavigator. The user manual illustrates all the functions of the software, starting from the operating methods up to the explanation of every single instrument in it

Operating Manual

The operating manual is a schematic summary of the operating method. For each phase of the market we have created a sheet that indicates the rules of entry, stop-loss and take-profit. In this way you can have everything at your fingertips

Video courses

We have put video courses at your complete disposal. The aim of the video courses is to explain in a quick, detailed and effective way how to behave according to the current market phase.

Educational path

The training course consists of three preparatory phases


In this first step is important the integrated study of the educational material provided and the software in all its parts.


In this step it is done trading with a simulated platform until the realization of 3 consecutive months of profit


Trading in real time, starting with minimum quantities (size) that gradually increase only if the account is profitable.

Join our webinars

On a weekly basis, our staff will organize webinars, for educational purposes only, for all FMN users. In this way you can continue to enrich your knowledge.