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FMNavigator is not an ordinary trading platform, but a real Navigator for the Financial Markets.
The Software is designed to minimize users’ operational decisions by providing a set of replicable operating models.

FMNavigator allows, through different algorithms, to effectively analyze financial instruments, providing entry and exit points characteristic of each market phase. The software summarizes more than 15 years of studies, therefore the indicators present in the platform are not modifiable or replaceable with others.

Market Phase

It divides the market into 7 different phases, thus simplifying the price analysis as much as possible..


It has a single graphic template, containing indicators made specifically for the end user.


It highlights price break-outs with patterns graphically marked with an arrow.


By selecting a bar within the chart, it returns a general summary of what is happening to the market.


Thanks to its versatility, FMNavigator allows detailed analyses to be carried out on any financial market.


It is a tool that, for each single price bar, indicates the recommended operation.

Vertical Bar

It is a tool that allows you to identify important levels of support and resistance.

Color Map

The market scanner is able to classify financial instruments in order of operational risk.


FMNavigator optimally supports the most important brokers in the current market. It interfaces with most of the data feeds of the best brokers marketed.

Why choose

FMNavigator is a trading platform designed to identify the real direction of the financial markets.

Simple: identify the market trend

Thanks to its algorithms, FMNavigator identifies the true direction of the price in a completely automatic way. The software marks the current market phase with 7 different colors.

Innovative: systematic in analyzing markets

Each market phase is characterized by its own operating model, characterized by specific entry and exit points. Analyzing and taking market positions has never been more systematic.

Functional: classifies instruments according to risk

The software is able to identify and classify tools based on risk. It will be the software itself that will recommend the tools that, moment by moment, present a lower operational risk