You won’t be alone against the market anymore

The “Helper” is a tool that, for each single price bar, indicates which is the directionality to follow, the operating scheme to use, the zone in which to enter and the price levels in which to enter stop-loss and take-profit. At any time, simply click on the appropriate graphic icon to call up the Helper.

FMNavigator is the first trading software able, bar by bar, to provide specific operational indications in any market condition. The Helper is a useful tool even for the most experienced, able to reduce any errors due to distraction. For the first time you will no longer be alone against the market.

Reminds you how to get in

In the “Entry Technique” section the Helper lists all possible entry methods available at that time. This tool is also based on interaction with other time frames. In order to position yourself in the market, it is therefore necessary to make sure that the other arcs allow it: the Helper will remind you of all the necessary conditions.

Helps you manage the position

Even before the conditions necessary to enter the market are met, the Helper reports the stop-loss and take-profit values. In addition to indicating the exact levels to manage the position, you will be shown the types of orders to the market, depending on the technique used (example: BUY LIMIT).