Who we are

Reward Srl

It is a corporation incorporated in June 2017. It deals mainly with Information Technology and Training.

Our dream is to create a global company, based on ethics, to satisfy the people who use our services.

Our mission is to make the systems used by the best groups of professionals accessible to the masses..

Sergio La Rosa


I start by opening a parenthesis, being a humble person, I prefer to introduce myself. My name is Sergio La Rosa and I started my activity as a private trader back in 1999. After having studied the main books of technical and fundamental analysis, I approached trading using a Trading System traded by a well-known Italian financial journalistic group.

For some years I used a Trading System obtaining economically mediocre but excellent results from an educational point of view. This made me understand the importance of having an own method of trading. Therefore I decided to make team with some colleagues to realize a profitable operating method in the long term.

In those years I met several traders and trainers, some of them very well known in the financial environment. From these continuous comparisons I also understood that, since the market became telematic, the number of profitable traders in the long term had decreased considerably. Another thing that impressed me was the choice of some good traders not to devote themselves to training either because of the limited time available or because they did not reveal their discoveries and insights. In light of this I decided, in August 2015, to start work to transfer my studies (completed on tradestation 2000i in 2005) to a Java source code, thus creating a software within everyone’s reach. In this way I was finally able to share my studies with everyone, without having to, in any way, reveal the algorithms on which they are based.

After 2 years of work, focused on programming and creating a software, FMNnavigator was born, what I prefer to define as “the first navigator on the market”.