ITF Rimini 2019 Interview

FMNavigator offers an exceptional opportunity reserved exclusively for Directa SIM customers!
For you the license of FMNavigator, the first navigator for the financial markets, at a super discounted price and locked for 5 years!
Thanks to the collaboration with Directa SIM, all customers who will subscribe to our software will have FREE DEMO from the date of subscription until the end of the following month.
FMNavigator is not an ordinary trading platform, but a real navigator for the financial markets. Software is designed to minimize users’ operational decisions by providing a set of replicable operating models.
FMNavigator allows, through different algorithms, to effectively analyze financial instruments, providing entry and exit points characteristic of each market phase.
The software summarizes more than 15 years of studies, therefore the indicators present in the platform are not modifiable or replaceable with others.

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