Vertical Bar

Identifies market reaction levels

The Vertical Map allows you to identify, for each tool and timeframe, important levels of support and resistance. This tool will be indispensable from the very beginning to realize a complete trading plan. It will also allow you to always keep under control the possible levels of market reaction. Vertical Map also summarizes the information within the price chart, such as market phase, target, momentum, volatility, etc..


It is a function of the Vertical Map that highlights which side the market is unbalanced, thus providing important operational cues. If the current price “Last” is positioned at the bottom of the VBar it indicates a bearish market, as it has more resistances than supports. If the “Last” is positioned in the upper part of the VBar, it indicates a bullish market, since it has more supports than resistances.
It is possible to print the screenshot of the VBar using the appropriate function. In this way you will be able to keep under control the monthly, weekly and daily levels of support and resistance.